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We place particular emphasis on fairness in all areas of our business. We recognise the need to proactively respond to climate change challenges and are committed as a company to facing these responsibly across all of our activities.

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The nature of our business involves construction activities and we are aware that these have an impact on the environment. Contractors are chosen based on both their performance and their commitment to sustainability principles. Of particular interest to us is their recycling policies; For larger contractors we receive recycling reports. Our smaller more local contractors use one of our sites to store skips for waste which can then be transported to a third party for subsequent recycling.

Construction Digger

EPC Review and monitoring

We are continually monitoring the portfolio to identify those properties requiring additional expenditure to improve their energy efficiency, benefitting both our tenants and the environment.

Wind Turbines

Portfolio assets

Whenever a lease event allows access to a property we are committed to improving its thermal efficiency with measures such as increased insulation, solar panels where appropriate, replacement double glazed windows, air source heat pumps in place of boilers and replacement LED lighting. As a team we are committed to continually researching new environmental improvement technologies and products to incorporate within the portfolio.

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Electric Vehicle Charging

We are currently reviewing all our multi-let sites to identify opportunities for shared or individual tenant car charging opportunities, with many installations completed and several more in the pipeline.

Electric Car Charger

Head Office

We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our central office activities through a variety of initiatives. Materials and supplies are sustainably sourced wherever possible, waste is separated for recycling in house and our energy supply is sourced responsibly.

A floor to ceiling ‘living wall’ in our double height reception provides a stunning feature for staff and visitors to enjoy, and contributes to air purification.

Staff are encouraged to share car journeys to sites wherever possible and 100% of our company cars are now fully electric. Provision of 4 car chargers in our head office powered from solar panels on our roof contributes to their running.

Head Office

Alternative energy sources

Many of our properties already benefit from solar panels and we are continually investigating further opportunities.

Solar Panels


All properties are managed directly with no third party agents, ensuring that tenants have the opportunity to communicate their concerns and ambitions directly with our team. We take pride in our friendly and willing approach and excellent Landlord Tenant relationships which manifests itself in a very high lease renewal rate.

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We work with local communities providing financial support for improvements such as public toilets, floral displays, public transport and Christmas and other festivities. We have provided two community buildings and support their running costs to enable social and charitable groups access to modern and affordable facilities.

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We provide storage and premises to various charities to assist their operations, support local sports clubs and donate significant sums to many charities through our associated charitable Family Foundation.

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We take pride in our happy and healthy workplace and promote a collaborative and inclusive workplace environment enabling each staff member to balance work, family and health.

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Team effort

All our team are encouraged to research and discuss environmental initiatives affecting both our workplace and the company assets, and to participate in community and charity initiatives.

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Let's work together
We continue to grow and seek investment and development opportunities across the South East.