Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Values

The Group places emphasis on fairness and respect in all areas of the business and takes particular pride in the friendly and helpful approach employed with all our tenants. The directors recognise the success of the business is as a result of the cumulative team effort from the staff and that the ongoing support of lenders and advisors plays a vital role too.


The Company is delighted to continue its regular support of local sports teams, charitable events and charitable organisations through donations, staff time and the use of vacant properties, together with ad hoc donations to support one off fundraising and community events.

In particular the Company is very proud to be joint sponsor of the Chichester Half Marathon which raises important funds for Chichester based charity Children on the Edge. In addition to the event, the Company helped fund the construction and provides ongoing support for an early years centre for street children in Uganda.

Closer to home we helped fund a new premises for Cancerwise in Chichester, and are now constructing and funding a new Community building in Rustington. When complete the new Samuel Wickens Centre will provide a visitor centre, community hall and the local museum.

Samuel WIckens Centre

The Environment

As a Group we are conscious of the environmental impacts of property development and continually upgrade and improve the energy efficiency of our buildings when opportunities arise, including the installation of solar panels on a number of warehouse roofs and our own head office.