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Environmental Statement


Mossy Earth Tree

We acknowledge that our day to day business practices have some environmental impact and we are committed to managing and reducing these within our workplace and within our portfolio.

A carbon footprint analysis was undertaken for our office during 2019 and was calculated to have produced 26.8 tonnes. We consequently offset this by planting 108 trees in a forest in Romania! This was carried out for us by Chichester based company Mossy Earth.

As a company we have committed to reducing our carbon footprint significantly each year, by taking the following steps:

  • Reducing our energy consumption by switching to LED lighting and installing solar panels on our office roof.
  • Reducing the impact of car travel by minimising road travel and actively encouraging staff members to switch to electric vehicles. One third of our staff now travel to work in an electric car and we have installed two charging points on site.
  • Managing our waste by minimising, storing, recycling and disposing of waste and packaging in a responsible manner.
  • Where possible we are now using materials and products with a lower environmental impact such as recycled paper, LED lighting etc.

As well as these in-house measures, we have also asked our contractors to commit to site recycling on all our projects and where possible to produce a site specific waste report.

Within the wider portfolio we are starting a programme to change car park lights to LED, installing electric chargers on various sites, and installing solar panels on the roofs of properties where possible. We are also committed to improving the energy efficiency of all our properties.

Environmental Statement